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Hire Bubblegum Marketing as your Facebook Ads Agency and target 3.64 billion monthly users on the world’s most popular social media channel

Customize the target audiences

target audiences that can profitably interact with the brand once the campaign is launched

Facebook Retargeting

Retargeting facebook user to rediscover what they might love about your business

facebook ad split tests

to create comparisons on various outcomes to produce the best results

Facebook Ads Agency

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It has put us everywhere!!!!!
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“The Facebook Promo you are doing for us has put us everywhere!!!!!! Constantly all over peoples Facebook timelines and even in ads on Apps! I have had a lot of people come up and ask how we do it – I simply pass on your details and tell them to talk to you! This marketing branding campaign has worked really well.”
– Luke Harper,
Manager at Shayne Reese Swimming

Facebook Ads AGENCY

Connect your business to more customers when you hire Bubblegum Marketing as your Facebook Ads Agency. Facebook connects friends and family from a distance. It’s engineered for sharing information and personal information, such as status updates, reels, stories, and posts.

Advertising on Facebook allows you to target people on an interest and demographic level. Bubblegum Marketing will do all the targeting, creatives, copywriting, and ads management for you.

Facebook Ads Agency
Facebook Ads Agency

build communities for your brand

Increase website and sales funnel traffic, acquire new customers, maintain client loyalty, and build communities for your brand all through Meta Advertising across the Facebook and Instagram channels.

Identify the best target audience for the products and services that you offer by demographics, interests, influence, and connections.

Expand your audience and augment your bottom line with your potential consumers ready to build a valuable link with your business.

As a leading Facebook Ads Agency, we will grow brand awareness, improve content engagement, increase sign-ups, and drive targeted leads progressively through the various stages of your Facebook Advertising campaigns.


The activity trends are ever-changing on the Meta platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp and if you’re not an expert at managing Facebook ads, you can blow up your ads budget really quickly and not see any results from it.

Facebook offers over 20 different types of ad formats, 5 different custom audience categories, and 9 Facebook Interest lists, each with over 40+ buyer personas to choose from. This interest list even includes Facebook gambling ads.

Additionally, this list also includes Facebook Pharma Ads. Because of this, setting up the best Facebook Ads campaign takes a lot of time and requires a wide range of experience and knowledge in this field. For this reason, it’s always advisable to work with a reputable Facebook Ads Agency.

Facebook Ads is not a set-and-forget exercise. You’ll need to review your campaigns 3 to 5 times per week to make certain they are performing and fully optimised across your campaigns and ad sets.

For these reasons, when it comes to Facebook Advertising, we recommend leaving it to the experts and hiring a Facebook Ads Agency.

Facebook Ads Agency

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What to expect from WORKING WITH US AS YOUR Facebook Ads AGENCY

Here are some of the streamlined services that our seasoned Facebook Ads Agency team uses to fuel the growth of your business using Meta Social Media channels. To learn more, schedule a free zoom call here >>

Facebook Ads Agency


Most businesses mishandle their advertising expenses when they do not employ the best team or person for the job. You can’t just simply choose numbers from the sky and lack a clear path for your advertising campaign. We will help you make the most of your budget by managing how your ads are spent by refining the parameters of your campaign. Your business daily budget will be set reasonably to boost the campaign.

Facebook Ads Agency

Customize The Target Audiences

We can create a pool of customized target audiences that can profitably interact with the brand once the campaign is launched. Our Facebook advertising specialists will capitalize on those who have a strong interest and connection with your brand based on your previous interactions and activity. Prospective customers are driven towards compelling and timely offers to increase conversions.

Facebook Ads Agency

Facebook Retargeting

Campaigns for retargeting are made to inspire the Facebook user to rediscover what they might love about your business. With this strategy, you can reach out to audiences who already know the products and services that you offer. These dynamic ads strike the needs that will induce them to respond to your call to action.

Facebook Ads Agency

Advanced & Refined Targeting

We bring Facebook advertising services for any business to a higher level with advanced tools for the selection of audiences. It includes Core Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and Customer Audiences to target the delivery of your ad with the pool of qualified prospects. Businesses can choose to broaden the scope of their reach or specify it depending on your preference as well as the type of ad that will be published from the campaign.


Facebook Ad Split Tests

Conduct Facebook ad split tests to create comparisons on various outcomes to produce the best results. Experimenting on various factors where your ads will appear determines which type of audiences bring more revenue where your business can focus on.


Daily Monitoring & Monthly Reporting

You’ll be provided with a clear image of whether your business goals are being achieved as well as the external factors that cause the delay in producing good results. The data generated by our analytics resource person to help us decide on building a better campaign for your Facebook ads.

Book a FREE Facebook Advertising Session (Valued at $497)

Talk to a Facebook Ads Agency Consultant about your advertising objectives today.

from 414 leads to 2842 leads in less than 4 months!!!

Facebook Ads Agency


"Working with Bubblegum Marketing has revolutionised our business. They launched a single campaign with just 4 emails and 1 automated funnel that created 26 highly qualified leads and $730,000-$740,000 worth of new business. When it comes to Marketing - I'd highly recommend you chat to the Bubblegum Marketing team"

– Trent Giumelli,
Giumelli Group.

Bubblegum Marketing


“What our team said was going to take 12 months, Cam and his team at Bubblegum Marketing did in 3 days! The sales pipeline they built for us will revolutionise our business”

– Steve Gillespie,
Millionaire Property Makers.

Bubblegum Marketing


"A couple of months ago we decided to change gears with our online Golf Subscription company and we were looking for some help in the Marketing Department. We have been absolutely thrilled with the results we have been getting and have seen some great things happening. It has been a seamless transition to work with Bubblegum Marketing. They are Rockstars and make my work so much easier!"

-Terri Rice,
Golf Fanatics.

Bubblegum Marketing


frequently asked questions

On an average basis, companies are paying $0.97 to $2.00 for cost-per-click for Facebook Ads while $7.19 for cost-per-thousand impressions. We see conversions come in anywhere between $11 to $40 per conversion, depending on your industry.

It will depend on how much you would like to spend on your Facebook ads campaign as it depends on the budget allotted by the business while the cost-per-result depends on the bidding strategy implemented. You can try to set an account spending limit so you won’t exceed your projected budget.

However, take note that various types of ads require a minimum spending amount for it to be activated. This will be indicated as the ads are created on the platform.

We assure you that you won’t go wrong in choosing Facebook if you want to make the best return of investment (ROI) for your ad campaign. These are the top reasons why Facebook ads remain the most effective this 2020:

The millions of active users on the platform from time to time.
The level of prospect targeting that you can customize.
The ability to convey a message to the dynamic users and have it shared with other users.

Your business objective defines the type of campaign needed. It is based on the action that you desire your leads to execute after seeing your ad on their device screen through the platform. For instance, if you are in the finance business, consider hiring an agency for financial planning Facebook ads.

Awareness – This should be your objective if you promote your brand from a defined target audience through the platform. It boosts the recall of your branding and is not yet focused on bringing an immediate amount of sales to the campaign. Facebook marketing for financial advisors can greatly benefit from an awareness campaign as it helps establish trust and recognition in a competitive market.

Consideration – If you want your brand to be recognized more than your primary audience, you can choose consideration as your main objective. Ads placed on this objective spark profitable curiosity directed towards the brand and the company. Facebook ads for financial advisors can effectively utilize this objective to engage and educate potential clients.

Conversions – Targeting active online users who are much familiar with your branding will most likely push them to buy the products and services that you offer. Conversions should be your main objective if you were able to set awareness and considerations among your audience fittingly.

Finding your audience through the Facebook platform is just like seeking your real-life partner or ‘the one’ as they say. In our actual experience with our past clients, we found that you won’t really know them until you have found the right audience to the offerings that you are pitching through your Facebook ads.

You will have to test a new set of audiences from time to time to easily search for the audience where you can sell. The ever-changing behavior and interests of active online users on Facebook require your modify your targeting strategy accordingly.

If you want to drive effective engagements through the Facebook ads for your business, it boils downs to two important things:

Creating relevant content published on social media profiles
Initiating profitable interactions with the target audience

Using the content that you create should spark meaningful conversations so there will be higher chances of featuring interesting content on their news feeds. You can start encouraging the users to leave open-ended inquires on the comment section of your posts. Giveaways for free resources or raffle draws encourage shares and likes that can build a community for your brand formed by the strong following of your targeted audience.