Security Guard Training Company Marketing Case Study

Security Guard Training Company Marketing Case Study

By Cameron Roberts – Founder & CEO of Bubblegum Marketing,

Posted On May 19, 2024

In the competitive landscape of the security industry, standing out as a provider of top-notch security guard training requires not only an excellent curriculum but also a strong marketing strategy. To illustrate how effective marketing can elevate a security training business, let’s delve into a case study that showcases the impact of digital marketing techniques.

Understanding the Target Market

Before any marketing strategy can be implemented, it is crucial to understand the target audience. For security guard training, the audience typically includes aspiring security professionals, current security guards looking to advance their skills, and organizations seeking to upskill their staff. Tailoring the marketing message to address the specific needs and aspirations of these groups is the first step toward a successful campaign.

Identifying Pain Points

Security personnel often seek training to gain certifications, enhance job prospects, and ensure they are updated on the latest industry practices. Addressing these pain points in marketing messaging can resonate with potential trainees, encouraging them to enroll.

Digital Presence and SEO

In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is indispensable. A well-designed website optimized for search engines (SEO) can significantly increase visibility. For the security guard training industry, this means utilizing keywords such as “security guard training,” “certified security courses,” and “security industry training” throughout the website content to improve search rankings.

Leveraging Social Media

Social media platforms offer a way to engage directly with the target audience. By sharing informative content, success stories, and course information, a security training company can build brand awareness and establish itself as an authority in the field.

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Content Marketing

A robust content marketing strategy can position a security training company as a thought leader. Regular blog posts, whitepapers, and case studies on relevant topics not only improve SEO but also provide value to potential customers, fostering trust in the brand.

Email and SMS/Text Marketing

Strategic Email and SMS marketing campaigns play a critical role in the overall performance of growing a Security Company Training company. Email and SMS marketing complement paid advertising and SEO marketing, as both automation and broadcasts nurture leads while they are considering which courses to enroll in. Furthermore, email and SMS marketing are used in the middle and bottom of funnels to convert sales and increase Google reviews, business referrals, and Google Map rankings after a student has completed a course. This is why email and SMS marketing play an important role in the omni-channel approach to growing any training organization.

Paid Advertising

Investing in paid advertising, such as Google AdWords or targeted social media ads, can drive immediate traffic to a security training company’s offerings. By focusing on keywords and demographics specific to the security industry, these campaigns can yield a high return on investment.

Community Engagement

Engaging with the local community, both online and offline, can enhance a security company’s marketing strategy. Participating in local job fairs, security expos, and community events raises the profile of the training program and creates networking opportunities.

Results and Adaptation

By implementing these marketing strategies, the case study company saw an increase in course enrollments and a higher engagement rate on its digital platforms. It is essential, however, to continually monitor and adapt marketing efforts based on analytics and feedback to ensure sustained success.

In conclusion, a comprehensive marketing strategy, combining both digital and community engagement efforts, can significantly enhance the visibility and appeal of a security guard training program. By focusing on the unique needs of the industry and its clientele, security companies can effectively reach potential trainees and drive business growth.

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Security Guard Training Company Marketing Case Study

If you’re a director or CEO of a Security Guard Training Company and you’re looking for new ways to grow your training company by using an omni-channel approach with your marketing, review the case study below of one Security Guard Training Company that Bubblegum Marketing worked with for 18 months. Click here to schedule a free zoom call about increasing your marketing results for your Security Guard Training Company or Registered Training organization (RTO)

From the screenshots below, you can see the results that were achieved using the following marketing channels:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Retargeting Open Web / Programmatic Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Website Marketing

Pay Per Click Advertising – 319 phone calls and 1550 website conversions

From 1st of November 2023 to 30th April 2024, our PPC Google Ads campaign for this Security Guard Training company achieved 319 phone calls from ads and a total of 1550 website conversions (website forms completed and phone calls from ads). In addition there was 19,200 clicks on the ads, 129,000 impressions and an average cost per click of only $1.12 and an average cost per conversion of only $13.77. This was a very successful long running Google Ads campaign.

Security Guard Training Company Marketing
Security Guard Training
Security Guard Training Company Marketing

Programmatic Open Web Retargeting – 659,000 impressions

Programmatic advertising reaches 96% of the open web, across 500 networks using 2,500+ targeting options. For this Security Guard Training company, we ran a combination of brand awareness and website re-targeting. From Feb 2024 to April 2024, a total of 659,000 impressions and 643 clicks were achieved.

Security Guard Training
Security Guard Training Company Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – 400% growth in organic website traffic

When we started working with our client on their security training company, their organic website visitors were almost non-existent. Their competitors were ranking higher for the keywords that potential security guard course students were looking for on the major search engines like Google.

We can see from the graph report below that, back in July 2022, the organic traffic to the clients’ website was below 350 visitors per month. After 18 months of Bubbleum Marketing applying a targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign with continuous improvements, the organic traffic to the website increased to 1,438 visitors per month. This was a 400% increase in the amount of organic traffic to the website.

In addition to that, the organic keywords went from under 428 in the top 100 to over 1,700 in the top 100. The number of backlinks also increased from under 100, to over 1,200 in under 10 months. Among other things in SEO, backlinks are a major indicator for Google to rank a website or page higher compared to your competitors. The referring domains also increased from 32 to over 180.

SEO Marketing Results in 2 years
SEO Backlinking

Email Marketing and SMS Marketing – 44% email open rates

For this client, email and sms marketing were used to nurture new leads, re-engage older leads, communicate to current students, stay at top of mind with value-based content, and increase Google Reviews and Google Map listing rankings. From the screenshots below, we can see that the average email marketing broadcast open rate was 44%, which is well above the email marketing open rates across all industries. In a period of 4 months in 2024, we can see a total of 516 website conversions occured with all of these leads going into our automated nurture campaigns.

Email Marketing Reports
Email Marketing Open rates
Email Broadcast Open Rates
Email Marketing Open Rates

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing via Organic posting was used in the overall omni-channel strategy for this registered training company because we wanted to stay top of mind to the followers, build up brand equity and awareness, and add to the social media links (backlinks) that were pointing back to the website, thus further improving SEO and website traffic. The Social Media content also allowed us to provide the email database and social media followers with content rich, value-based posts that created trust and credibility for the security guard training

“BEFORE” Bubblegum Marketing Social Media Marketing

Below is a “BEFORE” look at what the clients organic Social Media Marketing posts looked liked on their Facebook Page:

Before Social Media Marketing

“AFTER” Bubblegum Marketing Social Media

And then below is the “AFTER” of what the clients organic Social Media Marketing posts looked like on their Facebook Page and Instragam feed with Bubblegum Marketing managing the social media marketing:

Facebook Page Social Media Marketing 1
Facebook Page Social Media Marketing 2
Facebook Page Social Media Marketing 3
Facebook Page Social Media Marketing 4
Instagram Profile Social Media Marketing 1
Instagram Profile Social Media Marketing 2
Instagram Profile Social Media Marketing 3
Instagram Profile Social Media Marketing 4

In Summary

The overall marketing strategy implemented for this security guard training company was an omni-channel marketing strategy that covered all the “big rocks” of Website Marketing, Paid Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Email/SMS Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. The end result led to our client exponentially growing their business.

If you are reading this, and you own a security guard training company or any other type of registered training organization, and you would like to achieve similar results to the above – then take the next step and schedule a time with Bubblegum Marketing’s director, Cam Roberts, so he can discuss your overall marketing objectives and business goals.

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