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$730,000 Worth of New Business
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Bubblegum Marketing has revolutionised our business. They launched a single campaign with just 4 emails and 1 automated funnel that created 26 highly qualified leads and $730,000-$740,000 worth of new business. If you’re a business owner and you are looking for the X Factor when it comes to Marketing – I’d highly recommend you work with Bubblegum Marketing
– Trent Giumelli
CEO Giumelli Group

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The challenging B2B marketing procedure includes both contacting potential clients for business and creating leads that could become valuable customers. Businesses can use a variety of strategies to enhance the effectiveness of their B2B marketing, but for the time being, we’ll focus on seven of the most effective strategies you can use to boost your company’s expansion.

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Bubblegum Marketing provides you Laser Targeted B2B Marketing using only the latest B2B Marketing Automation and AI Tools. Create the only B2B Marketing System you’ll ever need to fill your pipeline with Sales Qualified Leads and Appointments.

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With over 750 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is the biggest professional social network. Because it lets businesses to focus on certain industries, sectors, and even businesses, it is the perfect platform for B2B marketing. Making manual connections with prospective leads on LinkedIn can be laborious and time-consuming. LinkedIn AI outreach may be useful in this case.

With the use of LinkedIn automation technologies, you can send AI-personalized connection requests, messages, and even follow-ups to your prospective leads. You can reach out to more potential clients utilising these technologies while also saving time compared to doing it by hand. Based on the information you give it, AI will even handle your connection messages. More appointments will be scheduled using LinkedIn and AI as a result.

Automated Prospecting Email

The practise of “cold email outreach” entails sending automated, targeted emails to potential clients who haven’t expressed any interest in your products or services. For your business, this might be a very effective strategy for attracting new clients. However, it’s imperative to make sure that your email is relevant to the recipient’s needs and personalised for them.

Include the recipient’s name and any additional information you may be aware of, such as their company or work title, to make the message more personalised. One technique to ensure relevancy in emails is to make sure the content is appropriate for the recipient’s requirements and interests. It’s crucial to learn about a potential lead and get to know them before contacting them. The receiver is unlikely to be interested in a generic email.

Web-Based Native Advertising

The look and feel of the platform where it appears are adjusted by “web native” internet advertising. This shows that the advertising is made to look and feel like the content it is placed next to. Web native advertising helps businesses reach their target market in an inconspicuous way, making it particularly beneficial for B2B marketing.

If your target audience has an interest in that industry, you might generate content that is pertinent to that industry and then utilise online native advertising to promote it to that audience. This will lead to the creation of leads who are already interested in your good or service.

SMS / TEXT Marketing and Promotions

SMS or TEXT marketing involves texting potential consumers or prospects. Since it enables businesses to interact directly and personally with their target market, this B2B marketing strategy is incredibly effective. SMS marketing can be quite advantageous for companies who provide mobile apps or other mobile-accessible services.

You must make certain that your SMS marketing messages are relevant, customised, and not spam. This means avoiding sending too many communications, ensuring that each message is suited to the needs of its receiver, and making the call to action in the message very clear.

Automated Marketing

Marketing automation is the use of technology to carry out repetitive marketing tasks automatically. Activities like lead generation, social media marketing, and email marketing may be involved in this. Marketing automation is particularly advantageous for B2B marketing since it helps businesses to scale their marketing operations without having to hire more staff.

Marketing automation software enables companies to track leads, segment their audiences, and send customised communications based on the activity of the recipient. By doing so, you can manage your marketing activities with less time and effort while also improving lead generation and conversion rates.

Google Ads & YouTube Advertising

Companies can target certain words and phrases with Google Ads and YouTube Advertising. This enables businesses to interact with their target market as they hunt for products or services relevant to their industry, used together, Google Ads and Youtube Advertising are a very effective B2B marketing strategy.

Website Retargeting on 500+ Networks

Retargeting on websites involves displaying adverts to users who haven’t yet made a purchase or performed another action. This is an effective method for re-engaging potential clients and encouraging them to visit your website. With the use of website retargeting, you can show adverts to people who have already shown interest in your good or service. This might be a highly effective method for improving conversion rates and boosting the quantity of leads that come into your business.

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b2b Marketing Consultant

A B2B marketing consultant specialises in aiding businesses with the development and execution of winning marketing strategies that target other businesses as possible clients. B2B (business-to-business) marketing entails the sale of products or services to other businesses as opposed to customers directly.

In order to create marketing strategies that will resonate with other businesses, it is the primary role of a B2B marketing consultant to help businesses understand the needs and preferences of their counterparts. This can involve gathering market research to identify potential new clients, analysing the positioning and business plans of rivals, and developing targeted marketing and advertising campaigns.

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funnel agency

B2B Marketing and More:

B2B marketing consultants can also offer guidance on other marketing-related issues like branding, product positioning, price strategies, and distribution techniques. In addition to helping businesses create marketing materials like brochures, sales presentations, and websites, they may offer advice on how to use social media and other digital marketing platforms to effectively target B2B clients.

As businesses implement their marketing strategies, monitor key performance metrics, and make required corrections, B2B marketing consultants may also provide ongoing support and guidance. They could also help businesses determine the performance of their marketing campaigns and identify areas that need improvement.


Because every B2B Marketing Strategy is different for every business, it requires a commitment from everyone involved, we need to know that you’re serious.

This is why Bubblegum Marketing offer a complimentary 15-minute strategy session to see if we are a good fit and if in fact, you are ready to scale your business with B2B Marketing. Click the button below to schedule a time to discuss your B2B Marketing goals today.

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-Trent Giumelli

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“Working with Cam has revolutionised our business. He launched a single campaign with just 4 emails and 1 automated funnel that created 26 highly qualified leads and $730,000-$740,000 worth of new business. If you’re a business owner and you are looking for the X Factor when it comes to Marketing – I’d highly recommend you chat to Cam Roberts”

$730,000-$740,000 worth of new business



"If you are looking for great results, Bubblegum Marketing is outstanding to work with. I've been working with them across my client's businesses and my own businesses for 5+years. Their strategies have made our business over $1M and our client's businesses many hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, Cam is one of the best marketing strategists I've had the honor to work with. I would highly recommend working with Cam Roberts and his team in all areas of lead generation and conversions."

Their strategies have made our business over $1M

-Daniel Fernandez

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“Within a matter of 28 days, we’ve written $5 Million worth of loans from Bubblegum Marketing's Funnel that was created for our Business.”

$5 Million worth of loans from Bubblegum Marketing's Funnel



"If you need to scale your business - you must talk to Bubblegum Marketing. They are masters at turning your advertising into a profit and launching successful Sales Funnels.
I would highly recommend Bubblegum Marketing if you are ready to take your business to the next level."




“Well that worked really well. I’ve already had 130 replies within 20-minutes from the 1 email that you sent for me, and it’s still going strong.
I’m going to be busy for a while sorting through all of these highly qualified leads.”

130 replies within 20-minutes from the 1 email

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"Working with Bubblegum Marketing has revolutionised our business. They launched a single campaign with just 4 emails and 1 automated funnel that created 26 highly qualified leads and $730,000-$740,000 worth of new business. When it comes to Marketing - I'd highly recommend you chat to the Bubblegum Marketing team"

– Trent Giumelli,
Giumelli Group.

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“What our team said was going to take 12 months, Cam and his team at Bubblegum Marketing did in 3 days! The sales pipeline they built for us will revolutionise our business”

– Steve Gillespie,
Millionaire Property Makers.

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"A couple of months ago we decided to change gears with our online Golf Subscription company and we were looking for some help in the Marketing Department. We have been absolutely thrilled with the results we have been getting and have seen some great things happening. It has been a seamless transition to work with Bubblegum Marketing. They are Rockstars and make my work so much easier!"

-Terri Rice,
Golf Fanatics.

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frequently asked questions ABOUT B2B MARKETING

We can consult, design, build, and launch a wide array of B2B Marketing strategies depending on your company goals and objectives.

Yes – 20 years in the marketing game, and being responsible for over $450M in client sales, we know what works.

When you work with Bubblegum Marketing on your B2B Project we will supply strategic consulting before we even begin any work so you get the best results possible.

Bubblegum Marketing provides copywriting on all B2B Projects. This means you don’t have to communicate with different suppliers for all the moving parts of a funnel as we do it all for you.

All of our B2B Marketing projects are customised for you and your products and services. From the copywriting to the graphic designs, to backend automation – it’s all bespoke to your business.

This depends on whether or not we are running ads for your on LinkedIn or Google/YouTube. Other than your ads budget which is paid to the platforms, our B2B Marketing Automation using Email Outreach and LinkedIn Outreach starts from $3500.